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Roseaire Retreats


Roseaire Conference Center located at Delray Beach, FL  hosts spiritual retreats and workshops for either men or women. The activities are tailored to adults, young professionals, college students, high school students and middle school students.


We seek happiness in family life, in our work, in hobbies and sports, and in many other aspects of daily life. But we find that these things, good as they are, bring only temporary happiness.


Deep lasting happiness comes from discovering God in these things and using them in accordance with His will.


We need to take time out, to be quiet, to think about our life and our relationship with God and to talk to Him.


A relaxed few days to do so is not a luxury for a pious few but a need for each one of us.


Time is precious to all of us, but dedicating a couple of days out of the year to renew your relationship with God and grow in self-knowledge will have far reaching benefits.


The conferences given by the priest, the talks and periods of prayerful silence are aimed at helping you make a good retreat and thus improve your personal, family and professional life.

May you seek Christ:

May you find Christ:

May you love Christ.

San Josemaria Escriva. The Way 382

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