What is the Frontier Club?

It is an engaging monthly activity for boys from 5thto 8thgrade. 

Frontier Club seeks to educate the boys in their sense of responsibility, instilling in them a sense of character (in its physical, moral and spiritual dimensions), and the skills, talents and virtues that they need to be of service to others.

Frontier is organized in two tiers depending on the school grade of the boys:

  • 5th& 6th

  • 7th& 8th

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Who can attend the Frontier Club?

Frontier Club is open to all boys in grades 5-8.  Given space limitations, priority will be given to those whose fathers already participate in programs at Tekesta Study Center.  An interview may be requested for families who are new to the program.

What is requested from participants?

What happens during the Club?

The club has separate and independent activities for each of the groups.  They are usually held on Saturdays and the program includes: 

  • Class

  • Projects

  • Lunch/snack

  • Sports & pool

Classes vary from talks on some aspect of piety or virtue, to presentations on historical topics including historical figures, saints, inventors, etc.

Projects seek to develop the skills of the boys so that they acquire some practical knowledge (e.g. carpentry, first aid principles, gardening techniques, basic repairs of bicycles, engines, etc.)

Sports include soccer, swimming, dodgeball, basketball, fishing, etc.

In addition to the monthly gatherings, Frontier Club has special events during the year:

  • The Summer Reading Camp: fosters reading comprehension and study habits (2 weeks during June)

  • The Survival Camp: father & son action-packed weekend camping

  • A Father-Son Kayaking Excursion: father & son trip in the Everglades  

  • The Annual Pilgrimage to a shrine of Our Lady 

Appropriate and responsible behavior will be expected from all participants.  Maturity, work ethic, a spirit of service, and the desire to grow in personal character are essential to the success of the programs.


A contribution of $5 per session covers all Saturday activities. Participants will cover the full cost of special events such as the kayaking or camping trips.

Final note for Parents

  • Although activities do not require the participation of the fathers, the personal commitment and the active involvement of the parents will be expected.  

  • A coordinator for father activities will organize occasional meetings for the fathers to promote camaraderie and friendship, and to discuss the formation of the boys participating in the Frontier Club.  These gatherings will take place on selected Saturdays when the Frontier Club is meeting.  

  • Communications for Frontier Club activities will take place electronically using a team chat group

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Activities shown are for reference only as dates/activities can change. Follow Club updates thru the chat group for current monthly plan. 

Tekesta: 4415 SW 88th Avenue, Miami, FL, 33165