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Summer Reading Camp

Summer Reading Camp
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The Summer Reading Camp motivates the participants to develop a greater appreciation for reading and learning. 


> Sixth consecutive year <


The program combines readings and academic presentations in the morning with competitive games and sports in the afternoon.  High school and college staff members serve as role models and mentors for the participants.

This year 2019 the plan of activities will include:

a) Reading and commentary on selected book passages from the book "The Moral Compass"  by William Bennett, and from a collection of inspirational and abridged short stories

b) Presentations on great discovers like Magellan;  Inventors like the Wright Brothers; Great events like Mallory's Himalaya ascent; the Endurance trip to the South Pole; and Great Evangelizers like Junipero Serra and Damian the Leper.

c) Vocabulary-enhancing games during lunch break, including the popular "Ghost."

d) Sports, pool and physical exercises along the MovNatNatural Movement techniques.


Entering 5th & 6th Grades
Monday June 24 to Friday July 5.

Meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays from 11:00 to 3:00

Entering 7th & 8th Grades
Monday July 8 to Friday July 19.

Meets Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays from 11:00 to 3:00

June 24 - July 5
July 8  -  July 19
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The only cost will be to cover all the sandwich lunches provided. This charge of $50 is payable on the first day of the program (cash; check payable to Kingsland Foundation or Zelle 305-710-2167/tekesta@earthlink.net

Volunteer Staff for the Summer Reading Camp 2019

College Senior Staff

Luis Moas B.S. University of Miami

Adrian Montoto B.A. Columbia University

Miguel Matamoros, Sophomore, Broward College

Simon Rave, Sophomore, Miami Dade College

Marcos Barbosa, Freshman, Miami Dade College

High School  Junior Staff

For 7&8 Camp: Luca Barbosa, Senior; Danny Montoto, Junior; Franco Tinsley, Senior

For 5&6 Camp:  Matias Barbosa Freshman;  Antonio Pereira, Freshman; Gabriel Matamoros, Freshman