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Summer Reading Camp

    Reading Camp

Cost $70

This is to cover the cost of providing lunch for the participants. 

Payable to Kingsland Foundation by

check or Zelle to 305-710-2167

The Summer Reading Camp motivates the participants to develop a greater appreciation for reading and learning. 

Eleventh consecutive year


The program combines readings and academic presentations in the morning with competitive games and sports in the afternoon.  High school and college staff members serve as role models and mentors for the participants.


Learning and having fun at the Summer Camp!

Entering 5th & 6th boys: July 8 - July 19

Entering 7th & 8th boys: July 22 - August 2

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Volunteer Staff for the Summer Reading Camp 2024

Full-time  Senior Staff

Carlos Alejano - Program Director Tekesta

David Andres - Program Asst Director; Shelton Academy. 

Full-time   Junior Staff

For 7&8 Camp: Dany Fiallo

For 5&6 Camp:   Santi Cacchione

Part-time Presenters / Assistants  

Salva Leos,  Universidad de Navarra

Ben Buckle,  Miami Dade College 

Please sign Medical Release
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