Crossroads of History IV

August 5-8, 2021

Modern Times

Times of Revolution
Summer Conference for High School men 
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Main Lecture Themes

  • Freedom of Conscience, Freedom of Religion.  

  • Political Freedom: New Rights, Old Responsibilities.  

  • The Industrial Revolution and Capitalism.  

  • The Scientific Revolution: Science, Philosophy and Faith.  

  • The Revolt of the Masses: The French Revolution.  

  • Modernism in Architecture.  


Theme Presentations

  • The Revolution in Religion: Luther, Protestantism 

  • The Revolution of Philosophy: Rene Descartes

  • The Reformation of Man: Jean- Jacques Rousseau

  • The Apotheosis of Music: Bach, Mozart, Beethoven

  • The Conqueror of Europe: Napoleon Bonaparte

...and much more!

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