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Crossroads of History II

August 10-13, 2023

The Great Middle Ages

A time of warrior knights and mendicant Saints; of massive stone castles and soaring cathedral vaults. A world in which a common tongue united the French, English, Spanish and Italian. The birth of the University, the foundation of Science, the advancement of Music, the development of Western Civilization 

…a Great Age!

Summer Conference for High School men 
  • Thomas Becket - The King’s friend, but God’s first

  • Francis of Assisi - God’s troubadour: romance in prayer

  • Build to last a Thousand Years - Of Cathedrals and others

  • El Cid - Though dead, again he won 

  • Thomas Aquinas - The “dumb ox’s” earth shattering bellow

  • Joan of Arc - God’s Warrior: «My Lord orders: defend Orléans!»

  • Kings, Barons and Knights - Of Crowns, Swords and Oaths        

  • God Wills It! The Crusaders - Risk all: save the Holy Lands and souls!

  • Exaltation of Reason: University - Pursuit of God and world

  • Walled Cities, Castles and Sieges - The Medieval warfare        

  • The Accusing Finger - Of Heretics and others

  • Abbots, Abbesses, Monks and Nuns - Apart from the World to save it

Cost $250

  • Lectures

  • Student Presentations

  • Readings

  • Movies

  • Sports

  • Camaraderie

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